EVO X Rally

Öhlins is now releasing the Rally application for the Mitsubishi Evo X. The front strut is a Twin piston McPherson strut (TPX44), with a 44 mm diameter piston.

It is threeway adjusted; a one-way rebound and a two-way compression adjuster. The rear damper is a four-way adjusted Twin Tube damper (TTX44). The shaft adjuster is a course rebound adjuster, while the single adjuster in the cylinder head is a fine tuner, with a two-way compression adjuster.

The damper has a piston diameter of 44 mm. Both are fully pressure balanced, eliminating the risk of cavitation and, due to low gas pressure, they keep the internal friction low. Both front and rear dampers are delivered with springs.   The difference between the MIR dampers for the Evo IX and the Evo X is the stroke, both front and rear, but most striking is the reservoir position on the rear TTX44 damper. The reservoir is pointing towards the rear, instead of up, like on a traditional damper.

The traditional reservoir position would interfere with the body. To streamline the spare parts management, we supply the same front damper as one part number, same part right and left. Therefore you need to clock the reservoir position before installation.

Instructions are enclosed with the product. The rear damper consists of two separate part numbers, left and rear due to construction.