Front Fork Piston Kit

A new Front Fork Piston Kit (FPK) is now available for most of the 2007 and 2008 Hypersport applications with 20mm cartridge design. Each kit contains two complete sets of pre-assembled compression- and rebound pistons, including shims and one-way valves.

The FPK kits are easy to install and fits bolt-on without modifications to the original front fork .The new FPK will be a big improvement to the front fork feel and performance.

For best performance we recommend using the FPK together with Öhlins front fork springs and front fork fluid (P/N 01309-01).More applications will continuously be added to the assortment, please refer to the recommendation list for part numbers. Please consult your Öhlins dealer for pricing.

- Complete kit with two pre-assembled compression and rebound pistons.
- Easy installation in OE front forks.