A Danish supercar!

Ever hear of the Danish supercar Zenvo?

Image courtesy by Zenvo Automotive (c) 

Meet the Zenvo ST1, a vehicle that not only looks like it belongs in a science fiction action movie, but has an insane engine to match.

According to Zenvo, the ST1 is the first 100% Danish designed super car.

The ST1 name has been derived from the engine, which uses both Supercharging and Turbocharging to generate more than 1000 horsepower.


Image courtesy by Zenvo Automotive (c) 2009

Peak power and torque from the V8 engine are as follows:

Engine: GM 7.0-litre V8 (16-valves)
Power: 810kW @ 6900rpm
Torque: 1430Nm @ 4500rpm
0-100km/h: 3.0 seconds
Top Speed: 375km/h (233mph)

If these figures hold up, the Zenvo ST1 will be a true challenger to the Bugatti Veyron, and even more exclusive with only 15 versions of this jaw-dropping car to be built.

Zenvo expects customers to come forward in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Churning out 810kW (1104hp) from its twin charged mid-mounted V8 engine, the Zenvo ST1 is volcanically quick.

It demolishes the zero to 100km/h sprint in 3.0 seconds flat and with peak torque eclipsing 1000Nm at a very civil 4500rpm, the car is likely to be highly drivable in everyday situations.

Unlike the Bugatti Veyron which is all-wheel drive, the Venzo is a rear-wheel drive vehicle.


Image courtesy by Zenvo Automotive (c) 2009

While the ST1 is claimed to be one of the world’s fastest cars, on par with the Bugatti Veyron, it’s the design that is getting people talking.

Like a cross between a Nissan GT-R, a Lamborghini Reventon and an futuristic concept car, the Zenvo has knocked everyone at the Motoring Channel for six. It looks brilliant.

The overall proportions are very sporty and it’s a fairly short car measuring 4.66 metres long. It’s slightly more than 2.0 metres wide, is super low at 1.19 metres and is ultra-light, weighing just 1376kg.

It’s light weight comes from an exotic carbon fibre body shell wrapped around a light-steel racing frame.

Triple element headlights with xenon projector beams adorn the front end and huge sculpted air intakes dominate the cars flanks.

The rear end features a huge rear diffuser to reduce turbulent airflow exiting underneath the vehicle, and Ferrari-esque LED brake lights are recessed which look good, topped off with an integrated rear wing.

Zenvo’s ST1 super car rides on 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels shod with French rubber measuring 255/35 Y19 at the front and 335/30 Y20 at the rear.

It’s got a 69 litre fuel tank which won’t last long at top speed, and a luggage capacity of 130 litres – enough for a couple of small travel bags.

With more than 810kW smashing their way through the 6-speed manual gearbox (with its own internal oil pump) and pummeling the rear axle, Zenvo has incorporated a hydraulic limited slip differential and features other race technology too.


Image courtesy by Zenvo Automotive (c) 2009

It has adjustable Öhlins shock absorbers affixed to double wishbone suspension front and rear, and has fully hydraulic ride height control to get over those pesky speed bumps.

The power-assisted brakes are big: 380mm front and 355mm rear discs gripped by 6-piston light alloy calipers for strong stopping power. But there’s no talk of traction or stability control. And we like that… It gives the ST1 an even more intense personality.

Most hand-made super cars get bare bones interiors but Danish company Zenvo have added quite a bit of equipment which is as follows:

Dual zone automatic climate control
Electronic analog instrumentation
Driver Information Center
Driver and passenger airbag
Cruise control
Power door locks
Keyless access with push button start
Electrical adjustable driver/passenger racing seats
Leather/alcantara seat covering
Stereo, CD player, MP3 playback
Build in satellite navigation
Manual tilt steering wheel
Racing steering wheel
Theft-deterrent alarm system
Power windows driver and passenger with express-down
3 mode driving settings
Power telescopic steering wheel with manual tilt
Head-up display with G-force meter
Auto dimming rear-view mirror

G-force meters are cool, so are racing steering wheels. Does it get any better than this? Actually it does.

Options include carbon wheels, larger ceramic disc brakes with 8-piston calipers, and things like custom paintwork and interiors and even a roll cage and 4-point safety harnesses can be had.

The design, the power, the chassis – everything about the Zenvo ST1 is jaw droppingly impressive.

It’s the kind of car that only comes around once in an era, and it could well depose the current king of the super car world.

A new dream car is born, and in the process it’s putting Denmark on the super car map.