New competition lines at Autosport International

Respected Swedish suspension manufacturer Öhlins has chosen the 2011 Autosport International Show in Birmingham to launch two exciting new Motorsport products that have been directly derived from its on-event testing and development programme.

The first release is the TTR40 – a 4-way fully independent adjustable aluminium damper based on well-proven technology. Winning technology that has been behind countless successes over many seasons with factory teams across numerous genres, including IndyCar, Le Mans and DTM. This bespoke racing damper is now available for teams seeking optimal performance and on-track success.


In addition to light weight, (just 975 grams without the spring fitted) features include a precise valving system that allows both high and low speed damping to be zeroed externally to ensure an accurate synchronisation between dampers, while at the same time maintaining discernable reference clicks. The TTR40 unit combines top performance with user-friendly handling. For example, valving can be changed on-event in around one minute. The unit also comes complete with valving simulation software, drastically reducing development time from conception to race-ready damper, whilst also allowing engineers to make infinite, graduated adjustments during testing, set-up or racing.

The second product release at ASI is the Mini S2000 damper. Developed in cooperation with the well-known Banbury based Prodrive concern, the S2000 dampers build on the firm foundations that the two companies have enjoyed since developing the Subaru Group N programme that proved to be so succesful.


This cooperation has intensified with the Mini project and the design of this Macpherson strut is the end result of much hard work and research. The damper is based around the successful patented TPX 44 concept. The twin piston design gives unique cavitation and damping force control along with its unique temperature compensation system, it minimises any risk of damper fade – even when subjected to the highest temperatures and biggest impacts. The TPX 44 also features a 2 way compression adjuster and 1 way rebound adjuster which are completely independent of each other, for the ultimate in adjustability.

The damper also features a dynamic rebound control valve which reduces the rebound damping force and improves grip without sacrificing chassis stability. The effective hydraulic bump stop is standard on a TPX 44 and reduces the risk of bottoming out after a heavy landing or when travelling over harsh terrain. Its function and set-up is optimised for the car and cleverly, only gives additional damping when necessary.

With both development teams working closely together, Öhlins and Prodrive have come up with a strut that is both stiff and strong, whilst being exceptionally light and durable. A significant weight reduction for the complete strut has been achieved through careful design of the unit as a whole which reduces the unsprung mass and thereby improves grip.

Since roller bearings have been banned under the 2011 regs, significant research has gone into the bushing system to reduce the friction levels. Surface treatments, surface structures, materials and lubrication methods have all been evaluated and optimised – with the resultant technology being utilised in this superb design.