EICMA 2011: Öhlins releases FGR200 racing forks

Öhlins Racing has improved its world beating FGR 100 forks using technical solutions and experience gained in high level racing to create the most advanced fork on the market – the FGR 200, the very essence of advanced suspension technology. The Swedish brand has had another ultra successful season with Championship victories and domination in MotoGP, World, British and AMA Superbikes.

Faced with the incredibly challenging target of improving the already hugely acclaimed FGR 100 front fork, Öhlins’ engineers set out to better the best. Öhlins understand that just because your product is dominating race tracks the World over that doesn’t mean it can’t be made better. In racing development never stands still – and neither does Öhlins’ tireless Research and Development team.

Using the FGR 100 forks as a base, Öhlins technicians reinforced their outer tubes to make the forks stiffer and more robust while increasing their ease of use by colour coding the compression and rebound adjustment wheels, a simple design modification that saves vital seconds and helps eliminate mistakes in the high pressure World of racing. Also incorporated in the redesign is a new 3.5mm bleed valve for a larger range of adjustment and a click setting function on the preload adjustor.

The FGR 200 changes in overall length to 750mm. A new smaller 8mm diameter piston rod inside the fork saves weight and friction, so when combined with shorter reservoir tubes and Öhlins’ TTX 25 Pressurised internals, these latest forks offer unparalleled performance. The sophisticated kit incorporates the very latest Öhlins twin tube technology (TTX) and is pressurised to deliver the ultimate in both damping performance and feel. Designed for high end race use only, the 25mm kit offers the ultimate in fine damping control and precision, a set-up that is trusted by the world’s best. On the FGR 200 Öhlins is offering the option of a top out spring, further increasing their track potential.

The new FGR 200 fork is not designed for road use and requires regular maintenance by a qualified Öhlins technician.

Peter Andersson, Product Manager Motorcycle, Öhlins Racing commented, “Improving the already unbelievably successful FGR 100 forks seemed an impossible task, but thanks to the dedication of the Öhlins engineers and the data gathered through our race teams the world over we have achieved this goal. The FGR 200 is a stunning product that is certain to keep Öhlins’ riders where they deserve to be – at the front of the field!”