EICMA 2011: Street Performance Line from Öhlins

Öhlins Racing has the perfect performance upgrade for the naked sports bike – The Street Performance Line with Race Track Technology for your road bike.

The Street Performance Line S46 shock absorber benefits from the very latest suspension components to improve the handling of the bike, but is also targeted at being a cost effective solution to upgrade suspension. As such it is perfect for the naked sports bike segment, or the Street Performance Line from Öhlins.

The S46 shock absorber in the Öhlins Street Performance Line comes with all the quality and precision engineering you would expect from an Öhlins product. It is the perfect upgrade for naked sports bikes, machines that can be transformed with upgraded suspension.

Using a single tube design, the S46 has a 46mm piston and take full advantage of this monotube design, which uses an internal gas reservoir in the main body to deliver outstanding damping performance. Unlike so many original equipment suspension components, the Öhlins products feature
external rebound and preload adjustors and the possibility to retro fit a hydraulic spring preload adjustor. In addition, the Öhlins shocks allow the user to fit a spring of their choice from Öhlins’ vast range, allowing complete customization of the shock to individual weight or riding style.

Despite containing all of this high-end technology, Öhlins has committed to ensuring its Street Performance Line remains an affordable and cost effective solution to upgraded suspension. Unlike many original equipment shocks, the Öhlins units are completely re-buildable and can be serviced by a qualified Öhlins technician, making them a long term investment rather than a short-term fix.

Peter Andersson, Product Manager MC at Öhlins Racing commented, “The motorcycle market has seen a significant shift towards naked bikes in recent years and we want to provide fans of this type of machine with the ability to upgrade their suspension at an affordable price. Just because you ride a machine with flat bars and no fairing it shouldn’t mean you are restricted from getting the very best from its handling. With the Street Performance Line we are confident that owners will see a significant improvement in their bike’s performance as well as saving money in the long term.”