EICMA 2011: The first aftermarket EC shock absorber for Hypersport

Öhlins once again leads the way with the launch of the first aftermarket EC shock absorber for the Hypersport segment.


The multiple championships winning TTX36 Mk II shock absorber is now available in an EC Mechatronics version as an aftermarket optional. First out is an application for the Kawasaki ZX 10 R launched just in time for the 2012 season.

The engineers at Öhlins R&D have been working with these solutions for several years and the Mechatronics system were a winner in World Superbike already three years ago. With the evolution of sophisticated electronics in the modern hypersport bikes, time has come for Öhlins to launch the first EC aftermarket application for the fastest bike segment.


The TTX36 Mk II EC shock absorber for the Kawasaki ZX 10 R comes equipped with Öhlins EC actuators connected to the Öhlins ECU. It uses signals from the bikes original system to determine the intentions of the rider and the way the bike is driven. The suspension continuously changes the damping setting dependent on the riding style thanks to the ECU software developed by Öhlins R&D. As such this shock absorber has a smart EC function that continuously adapts to the way the bike is ridden. All adjustments are done while riding and the Öhlins system also detects if the rider choses the Power mode button on the bike and automatically changes the suspension to sportier settings.


The TTX36 is already established as the World’s premium shock absorber through unrivalled race success. With the latest Mk II version now also available as the World’s first EC application the TTX36 concept takes another big step forward. There will be upgrade possibilities in the future and as with any Öhlins shock absorber it is serviceable at any Öhlins Service Centre worldwide and as all Öhlins shock absorbers it is also completely rebuildable.

Peter Andersson, Product Manager MC at Öhlins Racing commented: “Our hypersport range is already mightily impressive and with this first EC aftermarket application for the hypersport segment it’s impossible not to be even more impressed. Just a few years after we first had racing success in World Superbike with Mechatronics technology and with the
successful launches of the EC systems for the Ducati Multistrada and the recent success of the Mechatronics aftermarket system for the BMW R1200 GS this is another important step forward for our new technology. The ZX 10R is a fantastic bike to debut this system on and its’ already great performance will definitely be improved by the combination of Öhlins TTX36 technology and Öhlins Mechatronics technology.”EICMA 2011: The first aftermarket EC shock absorber for Hypersport