Öhlins launch new Harley Davidson Blackline range

Long known for its iconic yellow and gold designs, Öhlins unveil the new ‘Blackline’ range of striking products for the Harley Davidson market, bringing comfort and style to these custom machines.

The new ‘Blackline’ shocks are available for Harley Davidson twin shock machines. The new shocks are has been intensively tested and developed for the Harley Davidson range, and with a final design touch to fit the looks of these machines. Although predominantly black, the shocks are still unmistakeably Öhlins; through the use of gold detailing, which offers a very striking contrast on the suspension units.

Produced using Öhlins’ world-renowned R&D team, the emphasis on these custom applications has been on smooth ride comfort and high quality. Able to withstand extreme temperature ranges and heavy loads, these shocks offer consistently high performance, ideal for cruising and touring in all conditions and improve the riding experience further.

Available in ‘dividing piston’ and piggyback versions, these shocks can be ordered with a number of different damping adjustment options, with or without length adjustment.


The new range complements the ever expanding applications for this sector as owners demand high-end ride quality. For the front end the FKC Fork Cartridge Kit has been designed to offer a high-end cartridge damping system to Harley Davidson FLH/FLT riders. Using a 8mm steel shaft, an aluminium damper tube and 25mm pistons, the system also features the Öhlins NIX technology. This technology features rebound damping in one leg, and compression damping in the other – maximising the damping that is available within the confined diameter of the fork legs.

Robert Brinkmark, Öhlins Product Manager Motorcycles commented;

“Developing Öhlins shocks for the Harley Davidson market has been an important focus for us and we are proud to launch these first of many products for the Harley Davidson bikes. The focus has been on riding comfort and high quality for these shocks to further improve the ride feeling. The new striking design is also a result of our increased focus for the custom market.

Our range of twin shocks offer an unsurpassed ride for these often heavier, fully loaded motorcycles, giving all day comfort in the saddle, crucial for riders of these machines.”

Blackline products at a glance

  • Well proven monotube design
  • Dividing piston (STX36D) or piggyback design (STX36P) gas pressurized system
  • Designed for comfort and an improved riding experience
  • New black design with striking gold detailing
  • Each application tested and tailor made to suit
  • Wide range of spring rates are available

For more info on the full line-up of Öhlins products visit www.ohlins.com

Öhlins can also be found on Facebook under ‘Öhlins Racing AB’