Product Launch – Road & Track

Öhlins expands Road & Track range for 2017 with new suspension kits for Porsche, BMW and Fiat performance cars


All drivers have different needs for their cars – especially performance-oriented vehicles. That’s why Öhlins offers a wider range of aftermarket suspension options for the world’s best sporty cars – from full-on competition fitments for racers, through to uprated kits aimed at drivers who generally drive on the road.

And the firm is constantly working to extend its range. So for 2017, the Öhlins R&D department is releasing four brand-new suspension upgrade kits, for Porsche’s incredible 911 GT3/RS and Cayman GT4 sports cars, BMW’s raucous M2 super-coupe, and Fiat’s sweet-handling 124 Spider.

The Porsche kits are part of the Öhlins Road & Track Club Sport range, aimed at the serious track-day driver, and those who want the best possible suspension setup. Both the Cayman and the 911 kits use TTX twin-tube damping units, which are fully adjustable for compression and rebound damping as well as spring preload and ride height. The kit is supplied with a 20mm drop over stock front and rear.

The McPherson strut front units and conventional rear shock absorbers are probably the closest thing to a full race suspension outfit you can use on the road. But they’ll last for the long haul too – all components are fully rebuildable, and Öhlins uses marine-grade anti-corrosion treatments throughout.

The M2 and 124 Spider Öhlins Road & Track (R&T) kit use Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology that’s more tuned to road than circuit use. The DFV units give predictable, progressive damping effect for superb wheel control in all conditions, particularly on bumpier road surfaces – yet provide far better performance on track than the standard OE suspension. They have both damping and spring adjustment, and are supplied set with a 10mm ride height drop over stock on the M2, and a 20mm front/15mm rear drop on the 124 Spider.

Öhlins has worked hard to tailor the R&T shocks’ damping characteristics for each car, to give the perfect balance between comfort and grip. The R&T kits thus improve safety and performance, while delivering a super-smooth ride on the road. And, like the Advanced range, the R&T units are fully serviceable and rebuildable for long service life, with high-level anti-corrosion treatments on all parts.

All the new Öhlins suspension units come with a two-year warranty, dust covers, full setup documentation, and use the OE suspension mounts for ease of fitment. A range of Öhlins springs, in recommended rates, are also available separately for all the Road and Track and Road and Track Advanced kits.