The best Christmas gift

It’s that time of the year again. Sleigh bells in the snow, red nosed reindeers, and over consumption of food. Whether you love it or go all Grinch on it, Christmas is the time of the year meant for baking, gift shopping, stressing out over random things, spending quality time with family and most important, because let’s be real, a perfect time to spend on the track or plan ahead for next years adventures.

That we are the best in the game of technology suspension is nothing new, but that we’ve also got an excellent and popular line of merchandise is something we might not brag about as often.  

Öhlins line of merchandise provides everything you need to stay warm and cozy throughout the holiday festivities, with everything from hoodies to beanies and practical tote bags. From the track to the annual interview by your uncle over Christmas dinner, Öhlins will keep you steady, warm and comfortable. Our high quality products are durable, long lasting and most important – extremely comfy. With a wide variety of sizes we have a fit for everyone – mom, dad, brother, sister, and why not grandma as well?



One of our most popular merch is our zip hoodie. Warm, comfy and stylish. Pair it together with one of our T-shirts from our T-shirt selection, and top it off with our Öhlins beanie for the ultimate “Öhlins chill” look. Our merch sell out like hot cakes, so make sure to order yours today to get a piece of the cake in time for Christmas.

The Christmas spirit might shine bright, but the spirit of motor sport is shining even brighter (and way louder) all year around. To shop merchandise for yourself and your family, please visit the links below.

Öhlins Distribution & Technology Center Webshop (caters for UK, Ireland, Germany, Benelux, Austria, Switzerland)

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For our customers in Swedish, Norwegian, Finland, Baltic states

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For all other merchandise inquires please contact your local distributor

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