New Öhlins Automotive TTX Flow

Winter is technically still around but that doesn’t stop January from starting of hot. In the world of automotive we can’t wait to start off the year, and first up we had the Autosport International Expo in Birmingham. Between January 10-13 the doors stood wide open to the biggest Autosport expo of the year. In between motor fanatics and fancy cars we at Öhlins had the honor to show off our new Automotive TTX Flow for Rally. We are proud to introduce this new product.


What makes the Automotive TTX Flow special? 

The adrenaline is pumping, your heart is racing, there might even be a few sweat pearls dripping down your brows. The last thing you want on your mind is the fear of your unreliable shock absorbers might giving up on you. Luckily, with our new Automotive TTX Flow those are worries of the past.

Our shock absorbers is built with Öhlins unique TTX-technology and patent pending internal pressure regulation. This technology itself makes the Automotive TTX Flow a clear winner compared to other shock absorbers on the market. We have kept our TTX-technology but redesigned the ‘check-valve’ system. This makes better balance between wide valve openings and quick open/close actions, capable to handle a large volume of oil flow. This improved technology will enhance your performance with more precision and predictability during every ride. Never again do you need to hold your breath during that sharp curve.   

The Automotive TTX Flow is easy adjustable to find the perfect setting for your specific stage and driving style. You will experience more comfort, traction, predictability and stability.No matter how the road looks ahead of you, you want to remain in control and with confidence. Because let’s be honest, the only thing that should be on your mind before a race, is to win.

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