The DH38 Race Fork is finally here

Some people look at a downhill slope and see a pretty landscape, other people see a race track. If you’re the latter, you’re not just people – you’re a mountain bike rider. We don’t ride, we shred, and we take on the landscape the way it’s intended to – raw and untouched. Speed, jumps, twists and turns is what we live for.  

Every second counts. You want to be the boss of every unexpected surprise that nature throws at you and tackle them with grace. Grace, in the sense that only a mountain biker can achieve. Call it graceful, call it insane, a beloved child has many names. Throwing yourself down a steep slope on a mountain bike takes balls, and it’s easier to be ballsy when you have someone, or rather something to lean on for those surprises. Öhlins DH38 Race Fork, sent from above like a protective angel will be there to tackle every unexpected twist, in order for you to keep your head in the game.

DH38 Race Fork

Nico Vink at Järvsö Bike Park

The wait is over

We know, the release of the DH38 Race Fork has been a long tease, but we  promise you that the time has finally come for its market debut. In mid-February you’ll be able to place an order from one of our distributors. Perfectly timed for Valentine’s day. Nothing screams romance like a reliable steady downhill Fork, don’t you agree?

Öhlins DH38 Race Fork doesn’t let any second go to waste and the improved technology handles rocks and small bumps effortless for you to get on with your ride. Since we’re human we all ride differently and therefore the fork is easily adjustable to fit your specific ride style. Through mud and over rocks, the fork has been tested out on the Swedish bike tracks in Järvsö. And finally, developed and perfected with the input by no less than Miranda Miller, Loic Bruni and Niko Vink. If the fork is good enough for these three shredders, it’s good enough for us! 

DH38 Race Fork

Adam Brayton with his Nukeproof bike for the DH World Cup 2019. Photo: @laurence_ce on Instagram

Why we love the DH38 Race Fork

Mastering the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility with the choice of four different offsets this fork wins us over. Within the fork we can find the TTX 18 cartridge kit featuring Öhlins unique twin-tube damper system which has been a game changer since the start. As a result, this unique system lets you go faster using less energy yet remain in full control.    

As a downhill rider we take pride in the way we ride. We’re constantly challenging our fears by throwing ourselves down slopes not knowing what to expect. We respect nature, we become one with it and we love every curve and every journey it takes us on.  

What we do is crazy, reckless even. Looking down at the edge of the slope with our hearts beating out of our chest, we might wonder why we do this. Then we take off, we ignore the body’s survivor signals and it’s in that moment of overcoming our fears and challenging ourselves we realize why we love the sport. With the Öhlins DH38 race fork on your bike you can rest assure that every time you’re about to get on a new slope, the only thing on your mind will be the adventure ahead.

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