Moto Madness season

March is the start of Moto madness. From Superbike to MotoGP, we can’t get enough of motorbikes and racing. Both MotoGP and World Superbike are two series dear to our hearts here at Öhlins. We live and breathe motorsport, with practically gasoline running through our veins. While some people catch spring feelings, we go moto loco, taking great pride in our partnership with the biggest series in the world. Do we dare to call ourselves the major suspension supplier for MotoGP and WSB? Yes, we do.    



Öhlins have been a part of MotoGP even before MotoGP existed, or at least the name of it. From the start in 1983 when it was called 500GP, and we were transporting the 500cc two-stroke bikes on a caravan attached to a 508 Mercedes with only one technician on hand. Those were the good old times!  

Today we have a strong team of technicians coming in from all over the world, ready to get their hands dirty. After arriving on Wednesday evening, the week ahead is filled with detailed work and preparations. From catching up with the team, to plan strategies and “emergency” plans in case of bad weather conditions.   

Sleep is for the weak and the remaining days calls for early wake ups. After breakfast and a quick, mandatory cup of coffee, our technicians head back out to the track to arrive in time for the practice race at 8.30. This is when the real work gets done and the magic happens. Adjusting and perfecting the suspensions until nothing less than perfection is reached. 

At 6 am on Sunday it’s show time! Rise and shine nice and early to not miss the warm ups. With an anticipating, die hard MotoGP audience ready for the race, it’s important to get there before they start pouring in. As soon as the starting signal and the crowd cheering with joy starts, our technicians enter focus mode. If something goes wrong they need to be ready. After the race, and hopefully wins, the teams meet up to reflect over how the weekend went. What went well, where can we make improvements, and so on. The journey then continues back to the hotel for some well-deserved food and beauty rest, to later pack up and return back home on Monday morning. 


World Superbike  

Just like with MotoGP, we have been here from the very start in 1988. Tailor making the products for the drivers are why we are the ultimate suspension dealer for the WSB teams. They trust us and can rest assure that we deliver quality products. Gaining this trust over the years has also made us the first choice in service during the race. By working this close together we can guarantee the best results possible, while we, in turn receive valuable feedback from to improve our products. Yes, our products are race inspired down to the core!  

Except for rider comments, experience and the input from the team, our technicians work with modern technology to adjust the bikes. We use a Telemetri, a tool which records the sound of the bike while it’s out driving on the track, together with chassis and setting tools to prepare the riders for the race. As mentioned, we don’t settle for good, we strive for excellence.   

After the race, just as with MotoGP the teams and technicians meet up to reflect. During these meeting is when we get the feedback to improve the future WSB performance, as well as our own products.  

Racing is the pulse of Öhlins, and motorsport makes our heart skip an extra beat.Trial and error, time and whole lot of passion is what fuels the success behind MotoGP and WSB. We don’t just make suspensions, we make winners and  as off today we can proudly say that MotoGP and WSB wouldn’t be the same without Öhlins.