The Limited Edition DH38 Front Fork is produced in only 30 pieces and we can guarantee that it will be sold out faster than you can say downhill.  


When races are decided by thousandths of seconds, there is no room for error.  

Öhlins DH 38 Race Fork doesn’t let any second go to waste and the improved technology gives more small bump sensitivity which smooths out the roots and rocksTo take it even further we made it in limited editions. Just 30 pieces are produced with two forks being given away by Loic Bruni and Finn Iles.  


Mastering the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility with the choice of four different offsets this fork wins us over. Within the fork, we can find the TTX 18 cartridge kit featuring Öhlins unique twin-tube damper system which has been a game-changer since the start. As a result, this unique system lets you go faster using less energy while maintaining full control.  

The adjustment range specifically designed for gravity use, both race and park. 15 clicks of low-speed compression and low-speed rebound and 3 clicks of high-speed compression. Twin-piston three-chamber air spring system, isolated from the upper tubes to reduced heat build-up and featuring Total Tune Spring Curve System (TTSC) allowing total air spring tuning from the initial movement through to the bottom out”, says Terje Hansen, racing expert at Öhlins. 

Find out more how you can get your hands on the limited edition DH38 Front Fork at ohlins.com 

  • TTX-technology 
  • 180-200 mm travel 
  • Independent air spring system 
  • Independent damper system 
  • 200 mm disc 
  • Boost DH 
  • SKF wiper seals 
  • 38 mm upper tube diameter 
  • Offset 46/50/54/58 
  • Compatible maximum tire sizes 29 x 2.8 and 27.5 x 3.0 
  • Race-proven setting bank 
  • Motocross inspired dual clamp floating axle 
Passion. Performance. Perfection. 3 words that Öhlins lives by.  

Öhlins Racing has been an integral part of the motorsports industry as well as the motorcycle and automotive industries for 40 years. Our focus has always been on delivering high-quality products, service, and support, from the MotoGP circuits to local racing events in over 50 distributing countries.