Öhlins Racing Introduces STX 36 Shock Absorber for for Kawasaki Ninja 250 and 400 Motorcycles

Upplands Väsby, Sweden, May 5, 2020 – Öhlins Racing has expanded its offering of world-class STX™ 36 supersport shock absorbers to include Kawasaki Ninja 250 and 400 motorcycles. STX™ 36 shocks set the standard for performance, quality and durability.

“The Ninja 250 and 400 are leaders in the supersport category and we’re excited to offer our latest technologies for these bikes to further enhance the riding experience,” said Johnny Bräster, two-wheel OE and aftermarket sales, marketing and product management, Öhlins.

Öhlins Racing expansion of  the STX™ 36 shock absorber to  Ninja 250 and 400 owners, enables them to enjoy a major suspension upgrade, delivering new levels of stability, precision and safety via a monotube high-pressure gas-type shock design with an external “piggyback” reservoir. STX technology works with an integrated temperature compensation, adjusting the system’s performance to compensate for changes caused by temperature, and ultimately making for a more accurate and reliable ride.

As an additional upgrade for Ninja 250 and 400 bikes, Öhlins offers the FSK™ 133 fork spring kit, which provides improved grip and stability as well as smooth handling, cornering and braking. A replacement top cap enables riders to adjust preload to fit any ride.

“Whether riders are out for speed, comfort or maneuverability, these innovative products will help give them what they’re looking for” added Bräster.

About Öhlins®:
Öhlins Racing has been an integrated part of the motorsport industry as well as the motorcycle and automotive industry for over 40 years. Our focus has always been on high-quality products, service and support, all the way from the MotoGP circuits to the local, national racing events in over 50 distributing countries.

Our philosophy has always been to supply the aftermarket, OEM partners and teams with high-end suspension technology, and we are all dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations throughout the world.

Up to date highlights

  • 400 employees
  • Headquarters in Stockholm
  • Subsidiary in USA – Öhlins USA, Hendersonville NC
  • Subsidiary in Thailand – Öhlins Asia Co., Ltd
  • Distributor Central Europe – Öhlins DTC, Meuspath, DE.
  • Distributor Northern Europe – Öhlins Northern Europe, Karlstad, SE.
  • Over 200.000 shock absorbers, front forks and steering dampers and around 3 million CES valves, produced annually
  • 97 % of all sales on export
  • Focus on R&D, A/M, OEM and Racing of Advanced Suspension Technology for Motorcycles, Cars, Snowmobiles, Mountainbikes & ATV’s
  • Öhlins Racing AB is A DRiV™ Company –DRiV™ is a Tenneco Inc. (NYSE: TEN) business and leading global aftermarket and OE ride performance supplier.

About DRiV™ – the future Aftermarket and Ride Performance Company:
Following the expected separation of Tenneco to form two independent companies, an Aftermarket and Ride Performance company (DRiV™) as well as a new Powertrain Technology company, DRiV will be one of the largest global multi-line, multi-brand aftermarket companies, and one of the largest global OE ride performance and braking companies. DRiV’s principal product brands will feature Monroe®, Ӧhlins®, Walker®, Clevite® Elastomers, MOOG®, Fel-Pro®, Wagner®, Ferodo®, Champion® and others. DRiV would have 2019 of $5.9 billion, with 53% of those revenues from aftermarket and 47% from original equipment customers.

Safe Harbor
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Press Contact:
Simonetta Esposito
Senior Communications Manager DRiV