Öhlins extends condolences to Carrozzeria and the Ohba family

Öhlins Racing is saddened by the loss of Mr. Minoru Ohba and our condolences go out to Mr. Ohba’s closest family as well as the entire Carrozzeria family.

He had a dream… that came true. He took a giant step from a secure employment to a new life as self-employed. He founded the company Carrozzeria and became the Öhlins distributor for the important Japanese market, ever since the Japanese motor enthusiasts received the very best of services.

Mr. Ohba worked extremely hard to make Öhlins a well-known brand in Japan, especially during the first years as a distributor. An example of this is when he and his personnel during an eight hour race on the Suzuka race track handed out 10,000 advertising stickers to every conceivable potential customer. Mr. Ohba lost three kilos in weight during the race!

​​​​​​​Mr. Ohba was a charismatic manager who contributed greatly to the establishment and improvement of the Öhlins brand in Japan and helped grow it into the position it holds today. For this we are grateful as we now look forward to our continued collaboration with Carrozzeria and Mr. Hiroki, son of Mr. Minuro Ohba.