Marketing Coordinator


• Why did you join Öhlins?
I’ve always been drawn to companies with compelling stories. Even though I was familiar with Öhlins from a previous role in the motorsport industry, learning more about the company’s history and vision for the future during the interview process made me excited about the opportunity to work here.

• What do you enjoy most about working here?
The best part about working here is the people. I find that most people at Öhlins have a strong sense of purpose – they care deeply about what they do and are eager to share the passion they have for their field of work with others. I’ve learned a lot from colleagues in different teams and departments during my time here.

• What is the biggest challenge in your current role?
As a Marketing Coordinator, I work across multiple projects, campaigns, and events simultaneously. While most of these are long-term, I also receive assignments on an ad-hoc basis throughout the week. Oftentimes, these are high-priority assignments with tight deadlines, which requires me to stay on my toes and adapt quickly to the situation. But this is also something I enjoy about my role – no two days are the same.

• What story should people know about your team?
Compared to many other teams at Öhlins, each of us are still pretty new to the company, and we come from more of a marketing background as opposed to a technical one. Yes, this presents its share of challenges from time to time, but I also I think we’re in a unique position to bring new ideas and perspective to the table, which is one of our greatest strengths.