Management systems

Öhlins Racing AB in Upplands Väsby and Jönköping (Sweden) are IATF16949-certified. Öhlins Racing AB in Upplands Väsby is also certified accordingly to ISO 9001:2015.

Quality policy

Öhlins Racing AB strives to be at the forefront in the development, production and delivery of suspension systems for the automotive industry and the aftermarket. We shall be a natural first choice for our customers.

Our products and actions shall be associated with “Quality awareness at all levels.” We must always ensure that the applicable requirements and laws are followed in the organization.

We are constantly working to improve our products and processes with the objective of creating more satisfied customers, employees and good profitability.


Öhlins Racing AB describes its work on sustainability issues in this report from an environmental and social perspective. The background to the report is the adoption of new legislation by the EU in 2014 that is designed to ensure that European companies are competitive and transparent in the field of sustainability. In Sweden, the rules have been adopted as part of the Annual Accounts Act as of 1 December 2016.

To read the full report of Öhlins Racing AB’s work on sustainability please click the button below.