Öhlins Racing has been a cornerstone of the motorsport, motorcycle, and automotive industries for over 45 years.

Since day one, our focus has been on delivering high-quality products, service, and support — from the MotoGP circuit to national and local racing events — in over 50 distributing countries.

We supply the aftermarket, OEM partners, and teams with high-end suspension technology, and strive to exceed the expectations of our customers around the world.


The Öhlins Way

Passion, Performance, Perfection — this is the Öhlins way. Our passion for innovation and state-of-the-art technology is the driving force in our search for the next generation of advanced suspension technology.

Our dedicated employees work with some of the world’s most prominent manufacturers and racing teams in pursuit of the optimal performance for our suspension systems. We channel this continuous flow of knowledge into our aftermarket and OEM shock absorbers, front forks, and steering dampers.

Our aftermarket customers ride on factory racing technology that requires little to no modification. Our aim is to provide the same level of service and support throughout our organization, whether you are part of a professional racing team or a bike enthusiast on the hunt for a high-performance suspension unit. We also work closely with the industrial sector, developing custom suspension solutions for customers in the naval, forestry, aerospace, and defense industries.

We strive to be a respected name and brand of choice in the premium segment, and our employees work together across all areas of the business to make this happen. Our ambition to stand at the forefront of advanced suspension technology is what motivates us to discover the latest and greatest in suspension technology.

But the best is yet to come.

Öhlins is on the verge of making history once again — and this time, we’re turning the racing world on to electronic suspension technology.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of our story.



  • 400+ employees worldwide
  • Part of Tenneco since January 2019
  • Headquarters outside of Stockholm, Sweden, with subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany, the United States, and Thailand
  • 200,000+ shock absorbers, front forks, and steering dampers produced annually, in addition to over 3 million CES valves
  • 97% of sales are exports
  • Focus on R&D of Advanced Suspension Technology, with Aftermarket, OEM, and Racing products for motorcycles, cars, mountain bikes, snowmobiles, and ATVs


Öhlins and Tenneco

Öhlins and Tenneco share a strong history together. Our collaboration first started in 1998, when we teamed up to develop CES valve technology for automotive applications. This led to us jointly launching the first CES shock absorbers as standard products on the Volvo S60R performance car in 2003.

Fast forward fifteen years, Kenth Öhlin announced an agreement to sell a majority share of Öhlins Racing AB® to Tenneco Inc. in November 2018. The acquisition was finalized in January 2019, making Öhlins an official part of the Tenneco family.


Our Facilities

Öhlins Headquarters – Upplands Väsby, Sweden

Our headquarters in Upplands Väsby are the very heart of our operations. This is where everything began back in 1976 — Kenth Öhlin started the business out of his father’s engineering workshop, right down the road from where our head offices stand today.

All Öhlins products are engineered in our Väsby facility, which is located just north of Stockholm.


Öhlins Europe – Nürburgring, Germany


Our central European subsidiary plays a vital role in helping us make faster, more efficient deliveries to supply our customers throughout the region.

Not only do we offer a sophisticated logistics service, but it also boasts a prime location, with the famous Nürburgring racetrack located nearby.


Öhlins USA – Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA


To better serve the American market, our US subsidiary is strategically positioned in the heart of the racing state — North Carolina.

The Öhlins USA facility is also home to our 7 post shaker rig, one of the most advanced automotive testing platforms in North America.


Öhlins Asia – Thailand


Öhlins Asia is the distributor for Öhlins products in Thailand and manufactures products for the growing Southeast Asian markets.

Our Thai facility also serves as a hub for innovation within Öhlins. Their team coordinates with R&D at our headquarters to develop the latest in advanced suspension technology.


Our Business Areas


  • Aftermarket sales make up 60% of our total sales volume
  • Product range available through our network of distributors, which stretches across more than 50 countries
  • Our national and local distributors participate in almost every national championship series as Öhlins representatives; hands-on service and support are key when offering one of the world’s most advanced and professional product ranges



  • OEM sales make up 40% of our total sales volume
  • Collaborations with some of the largest manufacturers on a global scale, such as Yamaha, Ducati, BMW, and Kawasaki
  • Partnerships with respected racecar manufacturers around the world
  • OEM collaborations make it possible for us to trim costs, sharpen workflow efficiency, and maximize the overall quality of our end products
  • Close relationships within the vehicle industry enable us to play a hands-on role in technical evolution, giving us a competitive advantage in the market


Racing Service & Support


  • Self-financed business area that also functions as an R&D unit for future Aftermarket and OEM products
  • Team of 30+ employees dedicated to world-class support and service for racing
  • High-profile customers in all business areas, which include:
    • Motorcycle (Road Racing): MotoGP, World Superbike, AMA
    • Motorcycle (Motocross): MXGP, MX1, MX2
    • Automotive: DTM, NASCAR, LeMans Series, Group N Rally Series, Rallycross European Championship, Off-Road Racing, Formula 1
    • ATV: GNCC, ITP Quad Cross, Worcs Series, European Championship, British Championship, Swedish Championships
  • Our passion for high-end racing ultimately makes its way into Aftermarket products, giving every level of rider the opportunity to experience our advanced suspension technology


Our Production Philosophy

Our products are assembled by dedicated specialists with a passion for perfection. All assembled products undergo numerous tests to ensure optimal functionality and quality.

We firmly believe that our production facility in Sweden gives us a competitive edge. We can control the flow of production, all the way from the drawing board to the assembled unit.

All products from our manufacturing plants undergo several screening processes to catch any imperfections — even the tiniest scratch may deem the product unfit to represent Öhlins. Our aim is to deliver products with world-class performance and a stunning design to complement the overall design of your vehicle.