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RXF 36 27.5"

The RXF 36 is back in a new 27.5" specific design. The differences compared to its 29” counterpart might seem subtle but are huge in terms of ride, feel and position on the smaller wheel. The RXF 36 27.5" is available in stroke options up to 170 mm.

The damping system is based on the proven TTX technology. The twin tube damper enables parallel oil flow, which ensures that pressure is kept at optimal levels at all times. This results in a fork which is initially smooth, yet is always ready to absorb large ‘hits’. It will allow you to stay higher in the fork travel and your tire to stay planted to the ground no matter how rowdy your run gets! Thanks to extensive testing and 40 years of suspension experience, the HSC, LSC and LSR adjusters provide a tuning range that will allow every user to find an optimal setup for the terrain at hand, without getting lost in the process.

The twin piston / 3 chamber air spring allows for ‘on the fly’ adjustment of the progressiveness of the fork. With the 3 chamber air spring you can tune the shape of the spring curve using a regular shock pump.

Definitely my fork of choice for Enduro World Series events where the trails get nasty!

Jared Graves


TTX 22
Twin tube damper for parallel oil flow and unparalleled performance. Features external adjusters for LSC, HSC and LSR.
Twin piston / 3 chamber air spring
Using twin pistons and 3 air chambers allow complete control over the progressiveness of the air spring. You can really feel the difference at the late stages of the travel.
Floating wheel shaft
MX style wheel shaft. Holds you wheel in place without causing extra friction by forcing the fork legs together.

I am a huge fan of the way it feels on both small bump sensitivity as well as how supportive it is on bigger jumps, in berms, and on rough trails in general

Walker Shaw

RXF 36 Coil

Steel springs are back! Coil sprung suspension is having a revival in top level MTB. Sure, it is usually heavier than the air-sprung alternatives but sometimes you have to prioritize the good things in life. The RXF 36 Coil is the newest addition to our front fork range. With TTX technology damping and a coil spring, it is the front-end counterpart of the TTX 22 M rear shock and together they are the perfect match!

Set it and forget it, with a coil setup your suspension is always ready for your next ride. Drop in your spring of choice and fine-tune the ride height using the adjustable preload. Then you are good to go. The linear nature of the coil spring gives a predictable and reliable fork that performs consistently regardless of temperature, air pressure or wind direction. With this sort of reliability, your trust in the bike grows and you dare to charge your bike even harder.

The RXF 36 Coil is internally adjustable from 160 mm to 110 mm travel. A spring range with springs in 0.9 N/mm increments warrants each rider to find the ideal spring just for them. The external preload adjuster and floating spring piston design allows the ride height to be fine-tuned, without reducing small bump sensitivity. And the ridiculously low friction that comes from removing the air seals gives an initial feel that is hard to beat.

The separate main air chamber and ramp up air chamber is so cool to really fine tune the fork, something that no other fork does

Curtis Keene
External preload adjuster
Fine-tune your ride height.
TTX 22
Twin tube damper for parallel oil flow and unparalleled performance. Features external adjusters for LSC, HSC and LSR.
Coil technology
Low friction and consistent performance hit after hit. Sensitive and burly at the same time. Exchangeable springs allow the rider to find the ideal spring for maximum performance.

Uncompromised trail traction, confidence inspiring. Ready to race straight out of the box

Adam Brayton

Light weight spring series

The new generation spring series, race ready weight with big mountain strength. Advanced technology featuring multi-step surface treatment process as well as cutting edge heat treatments and wire materials allows us to stress the wire harder without causing damage to the spring. Light Weight Spring Series allow us to meet the growing demand of lighter coil springs from short travel trail bikes to World Cup Downhill bikes.

All our springs are sized for a specific shock stroke and all with 4 Nm/23 lbs increments.


Spring series 18076 18075 18074 18073 18065
Allowed deflection mm/inch 50/2.0" 56/2.25" 63/2.5" 75/3.0" 89/3.5"
Drawing no (ending) Rate (N/mm) Rate (Lbs/inch)
-01 44 251 X
-02 48 274 X X
-03 52 297 X X
-04 56 320 X X
-05 60 343 X X X
-06 64 365 X X X X
-07 68 388 X X X X X
-08 72 411 X X X X X
-09 76 434 X X X X
-10 80 457 X X X X
-11 84 480 X X X X
-12 88 502 X X X X
-13 92 525 X X X
-14 96 548 X X X
-15 100 571 X X X
-16 106 605 X X
-17 112 640 X X
-18 118 674
-19 124 708
-20 130 742
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