The Ultimate Trail Experience

Whether you are riding trails during the weekends or competing in the Enduro World Series Öhlins TTX Air shock and RXF36 m.2 fork will take your ride to the next level. The foundation in the shock and fork is a revised TTX-technology, an evolution of the proven system to advance the progression of your ride.

The TTX 18 damper platform, already race proven with the DH38 Race Fork, supplies glue like traction and control in the front end. The rear shock features innovations from our successful TTX22 M shock combined with an air spring that improves both performance and robustness.

The TTX Air shock and RXF36 m.2 Trail Fork will keep your momentum on the roughest trails, giving you a fast and comfortable ride. Traction and control will be with you all way down your favorite track, and superior chassis control means you only expend the minimum amount of energy on the way back up.

Öhlins TTX Air

Born out of the highly successful TTX22 M coil shock comes the TTX Air. It is a high performing and robust air sprung shock that utilizes on the possibilities made by the metric system. By combining the superior damping function of the TTX system together with a innovative air spring design both performance as well as robustness has improved.

Öhlins brought the TTX concept into MTB market and the technology set a new standard in damping function. The TTX Air improves on an already proven package in terms of damping performance and making individual tuning simple.

The air spring design take full advantage of the possibilities introduced by the metric design. Added support and bushing overlap made a more robust air spring with improved side load management. This along with a specific wiper seal and air sleeve lubrication reduces friction throughout the service interval.


  • TTX-technology
  • Adjustable low speed compression
  • Adjustable rebound
  • High speed compression adjuster
  • Climb mode
  • Air spring volume spacers included in kit
  • Metric 190/210/230 mm lengths
  • Trunnion 165/185/205 mm lengths

Öhlins RXF36 m.2 Trail Fork

The race proven TTX 18 dampening from the DH38 Race Fork has been reworked to give optimal traction and control on trails and Enduro race courses. The TTX 18 damper cartridge feature a trail-optimized 18 mm piston for improved small bump sensitivity. With increased damping pressure bandwidth the damping valve response and sensitivity has improved.

The adjustment range specifically for trail to Enduro race use with 15 clicks of low speed compression and low speed rebound. For high speed compression you get 3 clicks plus a climb mode setting. Retuned twin piston three chamber air spring system allowing total air spring tuning from the initial movement through to the bottom out.

Improved tire clearance, the chassis will take up to a whopping 29x2.8/27.5+x3.2 and 27.5x2.8. There are many technical improvements in the fork but we did not stop there, the design has also been updated and matches what you see on the race courses.


  • TTX-technology
  • Air: travel 120-180 mm
  • Coil: travel 130 -170 mm
  • Independent spring system
  • Independent damper system
  • Retuned air spring system
  • 36 mm upper tube diameter
  • Offset 27.5 (46 mm and 38 mm)
  • Offset 29 (51 mm and 44 mm)
  • Compatible maximum tire sizes 29x2.8/27.5+x3.2 and 27.5x2.8
  • Prepared for mudguard
  • Race proven setting bank
  • Overall improvements for reducing friction

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