Öhlins is the number 1 suspension manufacturer for motorcycles, cars, snowmobiles and mountain bikes. With over four decades of experience in suspension development, testing, racing and riding; Öhlins’ suspension technology is ‘Swedish gold’, perfected for mountain biking. No one knows suspension like Öhlins, our proprietary technologies – developed from multi-discipline know-how; help you ride smoother, faster and push the boundaries of your MTB.

Damping Technology

Öhlins TTX

Our TTX twin-tube signature damping system is deployed across both front forks and rear shocks from premium product range with the highest demand for performance. Twin-tube designs control the two-way oil flow through the piston and through double tubes. It makes it possible tune the oil when it is passing the compression and rebound valves and by that control the pressure on each side of the piston. A rider will notice this as the damper unit delivers unrivalled control and flawless damping, no matter the conditions. Öhlins have invested many engineering hours perfecting our twin-tube design for a fine-tuned and controlled oil flow ensuring well-balanced damping pressures. Its consistent performance keeps the rider safe and provides improved traction and control. For all products fitted with TTX damping technology, there is a race-proven setting bank available to further tune the damper to suit any specific rider, bike or riding style.

Front Suspension Technologies


Öhlins Coil Spring

For some terrains or for some riders, coil technology is simply the preferred choice. Our cutting-edge heat treatments and materials allow us to stress our spring coils harder without damage, meaning we can build them stronger and lighter. Preload adjustment is easy too, with easy clicker dials – no tools are required. Six interchangeable spring rates are available, allowing riders to perfectly tune their suspension and even adjust the travel without any fuss. Öhlins RXF36 m.2 forks can be easily switched between coil and air springs, with the use of only simple tools, in just a few minutes.


Öhlins Air Spring

Our air-sprung forks feature a unique three-chamber design that offers exceptional performance. The main air chamber, and its rebound counterpart (negative chamber) are self-adjusting. The system’s third chamber, handling bottom-out control, is independent. The fork’s air-spring curves are externally adjustable and additional spacers can also be used to fine-tune the volume of the air chambers. Our seal head design has also been optimised for better lubrication, lower friction and a longer life. An independent air spring cartridge for ease of servicing completes a package designed with simplicity and performance in mind.


Öhlins Compression Valve

We use a unique combination of shims and bleed ports to ensure well-balanced pressure damping for consistent travel performance at both low and high speeds. Öhlins forks feature a 4 position high-speed compression adjuster, providing 3 clicks of gradual compression adjustment and a fourth to use while climbing (lockout) utilising our variable clamp design. Our low-speed compression adjuster also allows for 15 different settings. Riders keen for even more fine-tuning can even benefit from an internally adjustable shim clamp which allows for extra-wide ranges of damping adjustment.


Öhlins TTX18 Damping System

The TTX18 fork damper is lightweight, highly-capable and offers consistent performance every ride. It features a service-friendly standalone cartridge design that is maintained using the same process across all our trail and gravity forks. It’s easy to tune on the fly too, thanks to its simple click adjustments. Whether you’re adjusting high-speed compression (HSC), low-speed compression (LSC) or rebound damping, no tools are required.


Öhlins Floating Axle System

Our proprietary thru-axle design has become a hallmark of Öhlins forks and is found on both trail and downhill forks. Its lightweight and clever design is not only secure and adjustable with the common Allen key, but most importantly, it ensures consistent lower leg alignment. This improves suspension performance by removing any potential stiction due to over clamping, while reducing wear and the likelihood of bushing or stanchion damage.


Rear Shock Technologies


Öhlins Lightweight Spring Series

Our race-ready rear shock spring series is built to be lightweight, with big mountain strength. Their manufacturing process involves a multi-step surface treatment for corrosion resistance and durability; as well as cutting-edge heat treatments for strength and product life. Using thinner gauge materials also allows us to stress the coil harder without causing damage. This delivers superior performance in a lighter package. We have an extensive range of coils to suit every rider, available in 4 Nm / 23 lb increments for a perfectly tuned ride.


Öhlins TTX Rear Shock Technology

All Öhlins rear shocks, from the coil-sprung TTX22m to our latest air-sprung addition; the TTX1Air, are based on our twin-tube damper technology (TTX). Its precisely engineered design makes the dampers more sensitive and minimizes any required tuning for superior rear wheel traction and control – smoothing out the trail and maintaining your momentum. The TTX system’s design also reduces the risk of cavitation; keeping you safe at high speeds or when hitting big trail features.


Öhlins One-Piece Seal Head

Using transferable technology developed by Öhlins motocross engineers, our proprietary seal head design is not only robust but also delivers the perfect seal required, with low friction for smooth and consistent travel throughout the shock stroke.


Öhlins End Eye

Featured across our range of rear shocks and most recently on the new lightweight TTX1Air model, our slim-fit end eye design is compatible with multiple suspension systems and platforms out of the box. It is designed to cope with the high levels of side loads caused by frame flex. On our TTX22M coil variant, it integrates perfectly with the spring clip built to handle high spring loads and provides optimised support to allow the bump rubber to aid spring return when the shock bottoms out.


Öhlins TTXAir Compression Valve

The TTXAir compression valve delivers highly adjustable HSC (High-Speed Compression) and LSC (Low-Speed Compression) as well as offering a climbing (pedal) mode. We’ve achieved this by adjusting the pressure area on the shims instead of increasing pre-load. In doing so, more damping can be used for added control, without that unwanted harsh feeling.


Öhlins TTX22m Compression Valve

The TTX22m compression valve provides ultimate compression tuning for Öhlins’ race-proven coil-sprung rear shock. Our first adjuster with alternate shim clamping diameters, the TTX22m compression valve enables a wide adjustment range with easy-click dial adjustment (no tools required). Rider tuning is easy, with no tools required thanks to its three dials. The blue dial provides low-speed compression (LSC) adjustment, for high-speed compression (HSC) there are two alternatives. The blue, trail optimized, dial offers 2 positions of high-speed compression tuning and a 3rd position locks out the shock for climbing by closing the low-speed compression. The downhill specific gold dial (found only on our 225/250mm length shocks) allows for 3 positions of high-speed compression control only.

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