Brand: Lapierre Model: Spicy 29

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The Performance Suspension Guide (PSG) is an initial guidance tool to indicate which Öhlins products may fit best for a specific bike. We update PSG on a regular basis as bike frame design frequently change, even within a model year. When mounting new suspension on your bike always do your own clearance test before riding the bike. You do that by fitting the rear shock without air or the coil spring installed. Then slowly push the bike down and control that the shock is not touching the frame at any point throughout the stroke. For single crown forks it is important control that the crown does not touch the frame when turning.

As a guidance tool, our PSG provides you with a recommendation for spring rates based on an average riders preferences and the information you have provided when using the tool. Note that it is your own responsibility that the spring rate you choose fits your specific needs. If you wish detailed technical advice, please contact your local dealer.

For more information on bike set up see our set up videos at https://www.youtube.com/ohlins or contact your local dealer.