The gold standard of dirt bike suspension

In our wide range of dirt bike suspension parts for aftermarket and OEM, we have everything for pros and dedicated enthusiasts. What you can always be sure to receive from us is premium products that take your time on the track to the next level.  Smoother feedback with minimal rebound will improve your bikes performance to perform better in races and casual rides. On top of premium performance, our easily recognised design will elevate the look of every machine. Also, each dirt bike suspension component is made for easy tuning, service and rebuilding. This ensures that they will last you an exceptionally long time. Which is truly the Öhlins way of design!

Next-level suspension since 1976

You might already be aware of our wide range of suspension components for all kinds of motorcycles. But dirt bike suspension was how the Öhlins company got its start – and today our brand offers some of the best around. A constant effort to expand technological know-how and innovative reach since 1976 has brought forward products that are sure to impress.

Experience the best performance, precision and stability

Leave shaky landings and harsh feedback behind. Experience the track with increased confidence in your machine’s ability to tackle what lies ahead. Our suspension maximises stability and precision in your bike’s response to your manoeuvring and landing.  Riding a dirt bike will never be like taking a gentle bike ride around the park. That is part of the charm after all. But better suspension means you get the control you want while being able to get that thrilling experience that dirt biking is all about.

Find your local suspension distributor

You can find Öhlins suspension parts all around the world through our distributors. Find the one closest to you. And make a switch for your dirt bike that you will never regret.