World-leading manufacturer of MX Shock Absorbers

Racing and motocross will always have a special place in our hearts, as that is where Öhlins got its start. Now being the gold standard in motorsports suspension, we continue to bring top-of-the-line innovation to pro motocross riders and dedicated enthusiasts alike. So if you want to take your machine’s performance on the track to the next level, switching out your shock absorber is highly recommended. We aim to create stable and reliable suspension components, adapted to tackle even the toughest conditions. Which is how we became one of the world-leading suspension manufacturers for motorsports to begin with.

Motocross shock absorbers since 1978

Back in the 1970s when Öhlins was founded, motocross suspension was what we focused on. Today, our MX shocks enable you to tackle races and casual rides with more confidence. Which often leads to better performance.

Premium rear suspension for the ultimate wheel traction and control

Working together with some of the best suppliers out there, in combination with our technological know-how and drive for innovation, is what leads to brilliant components. And what enables us to bring premium bike parts to passionate riders. From pros to ambitious beginners. We continue to stand at the forefront of suspension technology. And we plan to keep it that way. That is plenty of motivation to keep us trying harder every day!

Find your local shock absorber distributor

Our shocks can be bought all over the world, which is made possible by our distributors. Find the one closest to you online.