Upgrade and replace your forks internals

Have you ever hit the brakes when approaching a corner and experienced an uncomfortable wobble as a result? Or does hitting a bump with a square edge and feeling like your wrist are going to fall off sound familiar? Having a motorcycle that is too hard as well as too soft when you least want it to be is far from optimal. That’s why cartridge forks are great. Invest in a cartridge kit from Öhlins and treat yourself to a ride that is both safer and more comfortable.

More control and less worries with cartridge kit

Creating stability at both low and high speeds, our cartridge forks are great for riding in the city as well as on the open road. They give you more control and less worries. But there are even more benefits. The damping curve in cartridge forks can be adjusted in a more precise manner than other alternatives. For example, let's say that you are perfectly content with how the fork performs at high speed, but not so happy about the stability at lower speeds. You could then tune the performance at low speeds without affecting what goes on at higher velocities.

Contact your Öhlins distributor for a smoother ride

For tunability to your preference, choose cartridge forks from Öhlins Racing! We have produced motorcycle parts for the pros since the 1970s and offer high performing components for motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe as well. If you are interested in getting some “Swedish Gold” for yourself, get in touch with your nearest Öhlins retailer that can be found here.