Shocks that you can lean on

Shock absorbers have been a focus for Öhlins ever since we started the business in 1976. Back then the main thing was racing, and what we learned and developed since then has been integrated into the shocks that we have created for use out in the streets. Our shock absorbers are designed to consistently perform and never give up. That is what racers need on the course, and what optimizes your ride on country roads come rain or shine. This is the reason that our components have been referred to as “Swedish gold”. Shocks are designed to limit spring motion and stabilise the bike. The damping force is generated by a piston inside a barrel filled with oil. When the bike bounces or twitches the piston will move and oil will pass through a hole, against resistance that ends up absorbing the shock of twitches and bounces.

Twin tubes

There are two main types of shock absorbers: twin tube and mono tube shocks. As the name suggests, twin tube shocks come with a dual tube configuration. Twin tube shock absorbers are popular and it’s not hard to see why. You can modify their length to your liking and a few chips of rock particles flying around is no match for them.

Mono tubes

Mono tube shock absorbers are easy to tune and boast excellent heat dissipation. As the single tube set up creates a linear relationship between damping forces and piston movement, mono tube shocks are often used in motorsports.

Get one of the best shocks on the market

Have a look around and find the right fit for your bike and riding style. If you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for or have trouble picking out the right option, feel free to get in touch. If you are keen to see the shock absorbers in real life or are ready to pick one up, find your closest Öhlins retailer and upgrade your ride!