High-performance springs from Öhlins

Choose the right springs for your motorcycle, bodyweight and riding style. A full product range with different dimensions and levels of spring stiffness allows you to customise your bike with ease. To fit more motorcycles, we have created linear as well as progressive fork springs. Öhlins stands for premium suspension that meets the highest of expectations. And if at any time you have a question to do with installation or anything else, our service centres are ready to help.

Motorcycle fork springs

Achieve optimal cornering behaviour and precision. Enjoy a comfortable ride like never before. Spring that are just right – not too hard and not too soft – make a huge difference on the road.  And switching up the springs in your motorcycle front fork is a cost-effective way of levelling up the whole bike. Especially if you are still using the parts straight from the factory, which are chosen to please an as wide range of bikers as possible.  When you switch to premium springs suited to your motorbike, preference and body weight, you will get a set up tailored to you.  Better springs will give you increased stability, comfort and response on the bike. A worthwhile switch for newbies and experienced bikers alike.

Motorcycle shock absorber springs

Choose shock absorber springs with the right properties for you and your motorcycle. We have developed a complete range of motorcycle springs that fit Öhlins rear shocks. The goal is to make adapting your bike’s suspension easy. After making the switch, you will experience the road in the way you have always wanted to. Perhaps you are looking for soft springing for extra comfort. Or harder springs for serious racing. Öhlins shock absorber springs will help you get what you want.

Find your local motorcycle distributor

Öhlins is a Swedish brand, available all around the world through our large network of distributors. You might be surprised at how close to one you are. Find a distributor near you – to get the motorcycle springs you need for a game-changing switch.