Steering stabilizers with supreme performance

When handlebars become “restless” at high speeds, this instability can become a safety issue. Worst case, you might experience a “tank slapper”. Which often leads to a crash.  An Öhlins steering stabilizer will absorb unwanted movements to the steering wheel, while not impeding the movements you want to be making.  So upgrade your bike with a steering damper from Öhlins and tackle bumpy roads with ease. Increased stability and improved steering feedback lead to reduced rider fatigue, which in turns means you will have a better time.

Universal steering dampers

You can fit our universal steering stabilizer kits to a wide range of motorcycle models. And that is exactly why we created them: to cater to a wider range of bikers.  Use their different strokes to achieve the right level of resistance for your steering. The length of the housing will be determined by how much stroke they have.

Custom dampers for specific bike steering systems

In our range you will also find custom dampers, especially made for certain bike models. When you choose one of these, you can be extra sure that their design fit exactly to the requirements of your motorcycle. You will find custom Öhlins steering dampers for bikes from:
  • Yamaha
  • Honda
  • BMW
  • Kawasaki
  • Ducati
Yamaha R1M

Find your local motorcycle distributor

In addition to some of the best steering stabilizers on the market, we also offer shock absorbers, front forks and other premium suspension components for motorcycles. And it is most likely easy to find them near you. Our distributors are located all around the globe. Let us help you find your nearest Öhlins distributor.