Equip your ride with Öhlins MTB front forks

If you are tired of MTB front forks that do not perform under pressure, Öhlins is a great alternative. Whether the problem is that previous forks have not held up – or that they simply were never able to live up to your expectations.  Öhlins has crafted premium forks for different kinds of mountain biking and preferences. But what they all have in common is excellent design and long product lifespans.
Öhlins MTB fork

The “gold standard” in front suspension

Our suspension technology has been a long-lasting gold standard for aftermarket suspension in motorsports. In fact, Öhlins has become synonymous with advanced suspension to many motor enthusiasts as well as the industry.  And we have brought the same technological know-how and innovative mindset to suspension for mountain bikes. Enjoy the best materials and construction for optimal performance in the conditions you are facing. With no need to worry about replacing the components anytime soon. These things last!

Mountain bike forks for next-level speed and control

Have your pick from advanced mountain bike front shocks designed for downhill, trail and enduro. Experience RXF, the forks that revolutionised MTB suspension upon their launch in 2015. What sets them apart from most other options out there is a three chamber air string. Also, our Twin-Tube-Design (TTX) ensures optimal pressure control through parallel and separated oil flow. You will get a smooth ride with maintained traction, stability and bump absorption. The DH forks featuring the Total Tune Spring Curve System (TTSC) are designed specifically for speed. Perfect for rides where every second counts. You will be able to handle small bumps effortlessly. All the while getting excellent response and sensitivity thanks to increased damping pressure bandwidth.
Öhlins RXF 36

Find the best forks for your mountain bike

Not sure which option is right for what you are wanting to improve? We have created an online tool to make your choice easy. With just a few clicks, you will find out exactly what you need to optimise your mountain biking. Try the Performance Suspension Guide.