Experience Premium MTB Rear Shocks

The difference that Öhlins outstanding construction and materials bring to MTB rear suspension is something special. We make products with impressive performance and a long-lasting product lifespan. Find the right MTB rear shock to elevate your performance and feeling on the trails!

Air & Coil Shocks for your competitive edge

Our light-weight air shocks combine light shock absorption with maximum control and stability. Enjoy outstanding traction on every surface. You are sure to achieve stability on steep climbs thanks to the separate "climb mode". As well as a smooth response and full damping in the "mid range" combined with the resistance you want to "bottoming out". Our coil shocks are not to be scoffed at either. As a matter of fact, the TTX 22 M has created buzz in the biking industry and amongst riders since it launched. It is able to handle the most challenging descents, while still providing the pedalling efficiency for flat and uphill that you crave. The Twin-Tube-Design (TTX) in combination with the "piggyback" unit provides excellent control and performance on all surfaces, as well as reliable and sensitive response and behaviour from the components.  Made from anodised aluminium, you can be sure that our options are highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. That goes for all Öhlins shocks.
TTX1Air LSC and rebound adjuster

High-end suspension for trail, enduro and downhill

With our full range of shock absorbers, we have everything to give your bike an optimised setup – for you. Weather you prefer downhill, enduro or trail. There is a shock absorber from Öhlins that will provide the properties and durability you need and want.

Find the best shocks for your mountain bike

Our premium products are aimed at riders who do not just love mountain biking, but also want to take their rides to the next level. With select materials, vast engineering knowledge and options for different riding styles in tough conditions – the Öhlins difference must be experienced. But first, find the mountain bike rear shock replacement for you. With a few clicks, our Performance Suspension Guide will tell you exactly what option you should choose.