The STX 46 shock absorber for the 2018 Harley-Davidson softail gives an impressive increase in performance and comfort.


Straight from the champions – the new TTX GP is Öhlins latest range of shock absorbers for sport and supersport bikes.

Öhlins STX22 Air

The new STX 22 Air is specially designed for Enduro and Trail segment

STX 46 Street

A well proven monotube design, the Öhlins STX46 shock absorber sets the standard for performance, quality and endurance.

STX 36 Supersport

The STX 36 shock has also been developed for supersport bikes where it is available in a number of different applications.

STX 36 Scooter

Öhlins STX 36 shock is available as a performance shock absorber upgrade for selected scooter models.

STX 36 Blackline

The STX 36 Blackline shock absorbers is developed for bikes with twin shock absorbers.

STX 46 Supersport

The Öhlins STX 46 shock absorber comes in a wide range of styles and for many different bikes in the smaller supersport segment.