STX 46 (Harley-Davidson)

The all new STX 46 shock absorber for the 2018 Harley-Davidson softail gives an impressive increase in performance and comfort.

Retro 43

Öhlins offer a 43 mm conventional universal fork to any custom bike builder that wants to give the bike supreme suspension performance.

Universal USD Black

Öhlins offers a 43 mm upside down fork for any custom builder that wants to give the bike supreme suspension and at the same time get the familiar Öhlins Racing design. Black or gold? It´s your choice

NIX 22 (Harley Davidson)

The Öhlins Road & Track NIX22-series cartridge kit for HD bikes delivers loads of performance with stable damping characteristics while ensuring a smooth comfortable ride.

Öhlins fork springs

Öhlins fork springs are developed specifically for Öhlins cartridge kits and front forks. But they are also in itself a great front end upgrade and as such available as a spring upgrade for most major bike models.

Öhlins shock springs

All Öhlins springs are specifically developed for Öhlins shocks.

STX 36 Blackline

The new Blackline STX36 shock absorbers is developed for bikes with twin shock absorbers.

STX 36 Twin

Developed for bikes with twin shock absorbers, the Öhlins STX36 is a classic monotube design.

FKC 100

Just imagine – the heart and soul of a Harley-Davidson coupled with the comfort and rider control
of Öhlins suspension.