The TTX Flow, developed from rider needs and preferences. This brand new shock gives you improved traction, stability and grip to win the championship

TTX 44

The TTX44 is built especially for championship riders, but serious privateers can of course lay their hands on this masterpiece from the R&D department at Öhlins, through the Öhlins distributor network.


An updated 46 mm shock absorber from Öhlins, perfectly suited for 85CC bikes and OE applications.

Öhlins fork springs

Öhlins fork springs are developed specifically for Öhlins cartridge kits and front forks. But they are also in itself a great front end upgrade and as such available as a spring upgrade for most major bike models.

Öhlins shock springs

All Öhlins springs are specifically developed for Öhlins shocks.

TTX 22

Never mind the outside … it’s the inside that counts. True for the universal MX cartridge kit with the powerful TTX technology.

STX 22

For 85CC bikes a new cartridge kit is now available, based on the TTX22 cartridge kit for the bigger bikes.

TTX 30

Öhlins are proud to offer a new family of shocks for the 50 & 65 cc MX-bikes – The Öhlins TTX30.