NIX 30 Street

Comfort mode will swallow bumps and give you a cruising style ride. Sport mode firms up the cartridge and you can attack the corners and be more agile on the track.

Blow off valve for TTX 46 MT

The new blow off valve from Öhlins has minimized force overshoot at blow off level and optimized the response time after blow off engagement.

TTX 22 M Application

TTX – Twin Tube Technology custom made for Specialized MTB

Retro 43

Öhlins offer a 43 mm conventional universal fork to any custom bike builder that wants to give the bike supreme suspension performance.

FKR 100

The new racing inspired FKR cartridge kit has technology derived straight from the Moto3, Moto 2 and World Superbike championships developed by our engineers at Öhlins HQ in Sweden.


TTX36 shock absorber with an inline reservoir.


The TTX Flow, developed from rider needs and preferences. This brand new shock gives you improved traction, stability and grip to win the championship

STX 22 Air Custom Series

The new STX 22 Air Custom Series is specially designed for Enduro and Trail segment

RXF 36 Fork

The brand new RXF 36 Fork builds on Öhlins known TTX technology, made for 29″, 650b+ and some 650b frames this fork covers a broad range of different bikes