Give your custom bike a performance boost!
Give your custom bike a performance boost!


The Custom 48 Blackline front fork was developed for the Diavel bike. However, the forks special design and size has seen a growing interest among bike builders around the world. The black outer tubes and the gold inner tubes gives any custom bike a certain look and feel that is hard to achieve with any other type of fork.

Inside the Custom 48 Blackline, we use our NIX-technology. We have separated the compression and rebound adjusters into each fork legs. This allows not only for a more precise functionality and for improved stability, but also a convenient placement of all adjustments at the top caps.

The Custom 48 Blackline front fork golden inner tubes drastically reduces friction and thereby letting the internals work more easily to give a sublime ride. The fork increases the grip, bump absorption and performance of the bike. That translates into increased comfort, tire feel and brake support.


Compression and rebound adjustable
Spring compression adjustments in the top cap
Weight and stress optimized fork bottom design

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