Experience the Moto2 and World Superbike feeling with Öhlins FGR 250 front fork.
Experience the Moto2 and World Superbike feeling with Öhlins FGR 250 front fork.


Race like a MotoGP driver

What do you and a World Superbike champion have in common? You both love racing and the honour of claiming that golden trophy. If you yet can’t relate to the trophy part, Öhlins will help you get a little closer to the podium. Our new race front fork Öhlins FGR 250 lets you experience racing the way it’s supposed to, straight from the Moto2 and Superbike championships.

Developed on the racetrack

This stunner of a race fork made its first appearance at the EICMA expo in Italy last weekend, and it was a show stopper indeed. Öhlins emphasizes on racing, and with a history of multiple World championship titles, they know what they’re talking about. When you hit the race track, you want only to be thinking about keeping your head in the game. You need to achieve perfect performance with the confidence that your bike will take care of the small details that can cost you seconds. By adding the golden touch to your bike with Öhlins FGR 250, you’re not only going to turn an extra head, but you can be sure that your bike is set-up to perfection. Öhlins develop all their products straight from the race track. Öhlins FGR 250 is coming from the Moto2 and Superbike tracks. Can you get any closer to racing?

Improved technology

What sets Öhlins FGR 250 front fork apart from our competition and even our FGRT 200 is the improved technology. The micro-polished inner tubes lead to lower friction, with more flexible fork bottoms you will hit the apex easier. Together with the spring pressurized cartridge system, you’ll get a better feel and universal dimensions, meaning you can fit these forks with off the shelf hardware. If you’ve been keeping up with Öhlins previous race forks, the Öhlins FGRT 200 and the Öhlins FGR 300, you’re now, with the Öhlins FGR 250 getting the best of both worlds.

Let your inner World champion break free and take on the racetrack the way it’s intended to.


Spring pressurized internals
New design
Low friction
Different settings available from Öhlins setting bank

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