A high performing Off-road damper in the Öhlins ORQ series.
A high performing Off-road damper in the Öhlins ORQ series.


The ORQ 18/50 is suitable for off-road and rally raid and features a 50 mm piston and a 18 mm piston rod. The whole design is very robust to withstand the high forces and demands presented in off road such as rally raid and similar events. Details such as ball joint and the rebound adjustment has been reinforced and dimensioned for this application. The ORQ 18/50 also features the PDS, Progressive Damping System, featured on Öhlins rally dampers.

It is available in three lenghts but it is also possible for Öhlins Service Centers to custom build dampers with up to approx. 350 mm stroke. Piggy back cylinder head will be available as optional component which makes it possible to rebuild a hose damper to piggy back.

This ORQ 18/50 shock absorber can be built up for more or less any Off-Road vehicle by your Öhlins service center. Öhlins has also a range of springs to suit different type of use.


50 mm piston
18 mm piston rod
3-way adjustable
PDS (Progressive Damping System)
Available in different lengths
Available in piggy-back or remote reservoir via hose connection

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