TTX 40

The 4-way adjustable TTX40. Winner in Le Mans, Indy Car, touring cars, sports cars and GT-racing. Among others.

ORQ 16/46

The ORQ-series off-road dampers has been a success in all kinds of Rally Raid events.

ORQ 18/50

A high performing Off-road damper in the Öhlins ORQ series.

Group N

Developed and modified for Group N rally classes.


TTX36 shock absorber with an inline reservoir.

Automotive TTX Flow

The Öhlins Flow-technology is now available to our customers in the Rally and Rallycross market.

The successful TTX-technology shock absorbers is now also available for the use in the Crosskart and Crosskart Xtreme series.

TTX 30

The successful TTX-technology is also available as a smaller version TTX 30.