Öhlins shock springs

All Öhlins springs are specifically developed for Öhlins shocks.

STX 36 Supersport

The STX36 shock has also been developed for hypersport bikes where it is available in a number of different applications.

STX 36 Scooter

Öhlins STX36 shock is available as a performance shock absorber upgrade for selected scooter models.

FDK 100

Öhlins cartridge kit for MSX125/Grom is a great front end performance upgrade for the standard bikes front end.

STX 36 Blackline

The new Blackline STX36 shock absorbers is developed for bikes with twin shock absorbers.

MX technology steps into DH racing. Öhlins are proud to ­release the new cartridge kit for the FOX 40

TTX 22 M

TTX – Twin Tube Technology custom made for MTB

Road & Track

Öhlins Road&Track is designed to improve the performance and comfort of your car.

STX 46 Supersport

The Öhlins STX 46 shock absorber comes in a wide range of styles and for many different bikes in the smaller Hyper Sport segment.