Öhlins STX22 Air

The new STX 22 Air is specially designed for Enduro and Trail segment


Öhlins’ CES8700 hydralic valve is a development of the successful CES4600 which is widely used by several premium car brands.


Öhlins’ CES4600 hydraulic valve in semi-active shock absorbers eliminates the compromise between passenger comfort and car handling.

NIX 22 (Custom & Heritage)

The Öhlins NIX 22 cartridge kit for Custom & Heritage bikes delivers loads of performance with stable damping characteristics while ensuring a smooth comfortable ride.

NIX 22

This NIX 22 cartridge kit shares many similarities with our NIX 30 products for larger displacement supersport bikes.

Öhlins fork springs

Öhlins fork springs are developed specifically for Öhlins cartridge kits and front forks. But they are also in itself a great front end upgrade and as such available as a spring upgrade for most major bike models.

FSK 100

This fork spring kit is an upgrade for small sports and street bikes.