FKC 100 (Custom & Heritage)

The heart and soul of a Harley-Davidson with the comfort and control of Öhlins suspension. 


Following Öhlins successful introduction of mechatronic as a factory option on bikes such as the 1199 Panigale S and Multistrada 1200S, we have made mechatronics an option for the aftermarket.


The TTX Road & Track is developed for the latest superport models as a complement to the top of the line TTX GP shock.

FGRT 200

The FGRT 200 front fork will deliver loads of performance, consistent behavior and a suppleness you wouldn’t believe was possible.

FGR 300

The FGR 300 packs the very essence of advanced suspension technology.

NIX 30

The Öhlins NIX 30 cartridge kit was developed in racing series such as World Supersport and Superstock championships.

Öhlins Steering Damper

An essential ingredient in a complete performance package, the Öhlins telescoping steering dampers are still the ones to beat.


Once again, Öhlins takes a giant leap in suspension development with the first electronically controlled
aftermarket suspension system.

STX 46 Adventure

Our popular STX 46 damper family is also one of our most common shock absorber for the Adventure segment.

TTX Adventure

The thoroughly race proven TTX technology makes it into the Dual Sport segment, delivering unparalleled performance.