BMW M2 2023-2024

As the owner of a BMW M2, you have an eye for quality, and you enjoy the beauty of your car just as much as you love the sport and pure joy of racing. The new BMW M2 G87 packs an impressive level of speed, power, and efficiency in a compact package. With every gear shift, the car creates a timeless driving experience and makes you feel the connection between driver and machine.  

An outstanding sports car like the BMW M2 requires the best setup to reach its full potential. That’s why we’ve developed the all-new Road & Track DFV kit to take your BMW to the next level. Get track ready with a simple turn of the damper’s golden knob, and experience a car with faster response time, improved bump absorption, and better grip.  

Our unique Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology allows the car to react quickly and keeps you in control of the car – both on and off the track. We know your desire to bring out the best in your BMW, whether you’re racing on a track or taking a drive through town. Your passion is our driving force, and we know that even you – a true sports car enthusiast – will be blown away by the enhanced performance of your BMW M2 with the new Öhlins Road & Track suspension.

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