Get World Champion winning performance in your fork
Get World Champion winning performance in your fork


You want World Champion winning performance in your current fork? No problem, our Öhlins DH race drop in damper is available for Boxxer and Fox 40* downhill forks.

Öhlins TTX 18 cartridge kit featuring downhill-optimized 18 mm piston for improved small bump sensitivity. Increased damping pressure bandwidth to achieve improvements in damping valve response and sensitivity.

The adjustment range specifically for gravity use both race and park. 15 clicks of low speed compression and low speed rebound and 5 clicks of high-speed compression.

Öhlins Performance Suspension Guide
Do you want to know which suspension models best suits your bike? Click here to use our Performance Suspension Guide, it will also recommend a personal set up based on your weight and desired sag.

No one knows suspension like Öhlins, our proprietary technologies – developed from multi-discipline know-how; help you ride smoother, faster and push the boundaries of your MTB. To learn more about the technologies implemented in this product, click here.

Servicing & Support
Regular effective maintenance is the key to maintaining the optimum function and performance of your Öhlins suspension forks and rear suspension units. Öhlins products can be serviced at any authorized service center and basic service can be performed by riders with intermediate mechanical skills, using commonly owned tools. Öhlins riders can safely maintain and service their own forks and rear shocks using our simple step by step video guides and PDF manuals; supported by easily available spare parts kits with everything they need to keep their ride smooth. To learn more about our range of service kits, tools and to access our service videos and manuals, click here.


*The Öhlins cartridge kit is not authorized, sponsored, endorsed, approved or licensed by, or associated or connected with, Fox Factory, Inc. The “Fox” and “40” names are registered trademarks of Fox Factory, Inc. and are used for identification purposes only.


160-200 mm travel

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