The double can higher volume air spring sibling to our TTX1Air rear shock.
The double can higher volume air spring sibling to our TTX1Air rear shock.


A high performance, robust air-sprung shock; the TTX2Air’s larger air volume double can design delivers a larger freedom to adjust the spring curve through a greater ability to adjust air volume spacing; more suited to bikes with progressive linkage ratios. Adjusting volume spacers and stroke are rider-friendly to perform. A specific wiper seal and air sleeve lubrication reduces friction and delivers consistent performance between service intervals, Öhlins have also increased the maximum air pressure to handle a wider range of riders and e-MTB requirements.


The TTX2Air combines the superior damping function of the TTX system together with a new air spring design; delivering both improved performance as well as strength. Öhlins brought the TTX concept into the MTB market and the technology set a new standard in damping function. TTX-technology adjusts the pressure area on the shims instead of increasing preload, allowing more damping adjustment for added control; without resulting in an unwanted harsh ride feel.


The TTX2Air improves on an already proven package in terms of damping performance and making personalized tuning simple. The metric system design has also allowed us to increase the bushing overlap, delivering a robust design with improved side load management. A versatile and ideal choice for more progressive trail bikes through to eMTB applications, especially where the rider is looking for a shock that is more adjustable in order to optimize for their riding style and bike.


Do you want to know what suspension that fits your bike? Use Öhlins Performance Suspension Guide, it will also recommend a personal set up.


To keep a high level of suspension performance it is important to follow the service intervals. The 100-hour air spring service can be performed by following our workshop manual and instruction video. You can also have it serviced at an authorized Öhlins Service center.


Workshop manuals at available for download on

Watch our instruction and service videos on YouTube


TTX highly adjustable compression valve technology
Double can design with larger air volume in both positive and negative chamber
Adjustable HSC (High-Speed Compression), LSC (Low-Speed Compression) and Rebound damping
Climb mode
Race proven setting bank, to suit any type of riding or linkage design
Air spring volume spacers included as standard in the shock kit
Available in Trunnion Metric lengths

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