4-poster test rig

At Öhlins CES’ facilities in Jönköping, Sweden, Öhlins has a 4-poster test rig (shown below), which is used by our own engineers as well as by external clients on contract basis. Typical uses is test and verification of shock absorber and suspension settings in race cars and passenger vehicles but the test rig can also be used for other purposes, for instance durability tests for transport rigs etc. Contact us for a discussion on the possibilities with the 4-poster test rig!



Shock absorber dynamometer

In our laboratory we also have a shock absorber dynamometer (shown in the following image), which can be used for several shock absorber dynamic tests and other types of specific measurements. Contact us for further information and quotes!



R&D services

Öhlins Racing and CES are developing advanced suspension products for racing, OEM, and different aftermarket applications and support our customers worldwide with state-of-the-art products, application development, tuning, and other services. With the increased use of electronics in suspension systems we see new, increased possibilities to offer our customers unsuperseeded performance true to the Öhlins brand combined with a high degree of flexibility and adaptability.



Öhlins Racing and CES are consequently investing heavily in new product development and other R&D activities related to Mechatronic Systems and CES for motorcycles, cars, and other types of vehicles. Today we can offer complete electronically controlled suspension systems including adjustable and adaptive dampers, sensors, electronic control units, and software.
As a part of our customer offer, Öhlins Racing and CES can support with R&D services related to mechatronic systems development, e.g. mechanical design and prototyping, system and electronic control unit design, algorithm and software design, test and verification, plus project management. Contact us for a discussion around these possibilities!