It is the premier racing class for motorcycles and a staple to the Öhlins name.

Our presence in the GP paddock goes back decades and nine out of the ten teams are currently competing on Öhlins-equipped bikes.

It is an honor and a priviledge to say that we have won 17 championships in a row and 19 of the 20 last championships have been won with Öhlins. 



The MotoGP environment is an intensely competitive one, with high demands from both teams and racing conditions alike leaving a razor-thin margin for error. To meet these demands, Öhlins Racing works to continuously improve the suspension technology we supply to MotoGP partners, optimizing our racing products to deliver ultra-high tolerance and race-winning performance under the highest pressure imaginable.

Behind the golden forks and shock absorbers seen on most MotoGP bikes today lies powerful, cutting-edge suspension technology based on years of innovation and development. The MotoGP products, our RVP50BDB rear shock and TSB46 Carbon front fork are the most technically advanced products developed within motorcycle side of the business at Öhlins.   



The rear suspension features a spring made out of titanium, and the specs and requirements challenged our partner to develop a new production process to ensure ultimate performance and finish. It required hours and hours of development between our engineers and our partner to meet the high demands on precision in spring rate, linearity and fatigue properties on a spring as light as possible.