Motorcycle Aftermarket TTX shock absorber

Öhlins Racing AB has discovered an assembly defect in certain batches and part numbers of our aftermarket upgrade TTX36 (model names TTX GP, TTX RT & TTX36MkII) motorcycle shock absorbers.

Öhlins Racing AB has therefore decided to recall all the affected aftermarket TTX36 shock absorbers to rectify the issue. This assembly defect has been rectified and the issue does not exist with all shock absorbers, therefore it is important to check with our database below if your aftermarket shock absorber is affected or not. We apologize for any inconvenience this safety recall may cause but your safety is our first concern.

Important notice!

We strongly urge you to stop using the bike until the shock absorber has been removed or corrected. It can be a safety issue to use the bike with the faulty shock absorber on the bike.

By entering the part number and the batch number of your shock absorber (see picture where to find these numbers) in the fields below, you will see immediately if your shock absorber is affected by the recall or not.

If your shock absorber is affected by the recall please contact the Öhlins distributor in your country for an appointment to have your shock absorber corrected.

Please note

Part number: Two letters followed by the first three numbers. For example YA340
Batch number: Six numbers For example 136776