Service information regarding HD 503, HD 504, HD 505 and HD 506 for Harley-Davidson Softail

Please read the following information and spread where necessary within your service network. We have had a few warranty cases regarding problems with the length adjustable end eye on HD 504. Since HD 503, HD 505 and HD 506 are of the same design this information is valid for all of these 4 product part numbers.

To prevent and solve these issues we have prepared this service kit with a fixed end eye to replace the adjustable one and the length corresponds to the max adjustment length for the 01061-01, 01058-01 combination (see drawing below).


When you receive an HD 503, HD 504, HD 505 or HD 506 for service of any kind, the adjustable end eye shall be replaced with this end eye 01054-58 together with thicker bump rubber 00564-02. Please look at WSM 07606-01 sides 17 and 18 starting at step nr two for information on how to do the exchange.

With this modification HD 503 and HD 504 will get 330mm fixed total length and HD 505 and HD 506 will be 336mm.

If the customer does not want this update and refuses to get it done, handle it in the most suitable way for your local market. I.E, A signed disclaimer that removes the liability from Öhlins Racing.

This service kit part number is 22200-01 and please order sufficient quantities so you will have them in stock. For each replacement done please register in the warranty portal for compensation on parts used.

All servicing should be performed by an authorized Öhlins service center.